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You Can Rearrange All Of The Pieces Of This Top-Selling Small Sectional Sofa

You Can Rearrange All Of The Pieces Of This Top-Selling Small Sectional Sofa
Posted at 8:55 AM, May 19, 2022

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Looking for furniture with storage that fits into smaller spaces, is affordable, and can also move into multiple configurations?

There’s a reason this Honbay small sectional sofa is a top-selling item on Amazon.

The U-shaped sofa sells for $1,299, although you can also get a slightly modified version of it with extra backs for $1,399. There’s a seven-seat version for $1,499, and an L-shaped sofa version for $1,159.

These small sectional sofas are currently available in several colors, including gray and bluish-gray.


The particular genius of this Honbay furniture set is that the cushions lift up to reveal hidden storage spaces below. In addition, the small sectional sofa pieces are modular so they can be reconfigured into different seating arrangements and even a full-sized bed.

It’s made out of a solid wood frame with polyester upholstery covering sponge filling with coils. The pieces are held together with metal pin joiners that are easy to remove and put back in. A small fabric loop makes it easy to lift up the top cushions to access the storage inside. Cushions are made from memory foam.


One Amazon reviewer left a lengthy pros and cons review of the furniture set, praising it for its affordability, ability for multiple arrangements, and how it fits in her small apartment.

“This is absolutely perfect for apartments and small spaces,” Auto from Cleveland wrote. “Each piece is very light weight and easy to move around to accommodate innumerous set ups. I have an awkward corner with a bump out and door and this fits pretty perfectly where no other couch would. I love that I can put all the pieces together for a perfect movie/conversation pit or pull the ottomans out for a more ‘normal’ couch set up.”

Here’s an image of how she set up her small sectional sofa in a bed configuration.


While the reviewer mentioned she has no problem allowing her dog on the sofa after Scotchgarding it, manufacturer Honbay does note that this furniture isn’t recommended for people with pets because the fabric can get scratched up.

Another Amazon reviewer, Promise Cooper of Brooklyn, praised how quickly the sectional shipped and showed how the cushions lift to reveal storage. Cooper said the cushions feel “soft firm ready to fall asleep” on.

Promise Cooper/Amazon

Many other reviewers loved that because the pieces can be taken apart and moved into different formations, the sofa fits in rooms that they otherwise had difficulty finding the right furniture for.

“The draws for me were the fact that it’s modular and my greatroom is weird,” JaMarLo wrote. “It’s a very narrow space, and with overstuffed furniture it felt like the energy in that room was blocked for years. I could not go in that area without feeling crabby …. I know this sounds crazy, but once we got rid of the old sofas and put this one is (sic), the energy and flow just feel tons and tons better.”

If you’re looking for even more ideas for multifunctional pieces like this small sectional sofa, we’ve got recommendations for storage beds that can maximize cozy spaces.

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