Peer Wellness Center celebrates recovery with rally

Posted at 9:36 PM, Sep 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-15 00:07:17-04

BOISE — An organization in the Treasure Valley celebrated on Saturday to focus on the people in the community in recovery from addiction. The Peer Wellness Center advocates for people who are seeking recovery from behavioral health and or substance use disorders. The center offers resources for education, skill-building, support, and more.

As part of the rally, they marched in Downtown Boise and also included a gathering at Julia Davis Park with music, games, food, and special speakers.

"Was really significantly impacted by the entire process of being diverted into recovery by criminal justice," said Andrew Burki, Hanley Foundation.

Burki has been in recovery from a heroin use disorder for 18 years and has formerly been incarcerated.

"That's the only way I ever stopped. You know, every single heroin use disorder episode has ended in an emergency room or a pair of hand cuffs," said Burki.

Monica Forbes with the Peer Wellness Center just celebrated 15 years in recovery.

"Anyone who is in recovery has come out of such a deep hole and such a horrible mess that it took such so much strength and grit to get out and we want to celebrate that effort that they've taken and to celebrate the fact that we're in recovery," said Forbes.

Chris Mecham is a recent graduate of the Ada County Drug Court program.

"I've been judged a lot in my life for my substance use and only over the last couple of years managed to put my life back together and it was hard work you know, but it's been worth it and I think that there are a lot of people experiencing substance use disorder and their families need to know," said Mecham.

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