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Idaho Contact Football League | Receiving new opportunities

ICFL giving former football players another chance at football dreams.
Posted at 11:20 AM, Mar 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-20 13:20:57-04

MERIDIAN, IDAHO — For two decades the Idaho Contact Football League has been giving football players who didn't have the opportunity to play after high school or college another shot at chasing their football dreams.

  • ICFL is made up of players from 18 to over 40.
  • The goal for the league is to give guys another shot at playing at a higher level.
  • They have seen some players make it to the Arena Football League and some have played for the Idaho Horsemen.
  • This league is funded by the players.
  • There are 9 teams throughout the state of Idaho.
  • For more information, you can:
  • Head to the ICFL website here.
  • Head to the ICFL Facebook here.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

For many high school athletes, once you graduate, that's it. But one local sports league is allowing its players to continue competing at a high level. I'm your North Meridian neighborhood reporter, Alexander Huddleston, and I met up with Team Savage of the Idaho Contact Football League.

"It's one of their only opportunities. Once you finish high school, if you don’t have a plan after that, your football career is over," explained head coach Paul Moore.

For 10 years Moore has been involved with the Idaho contact football league.

"The goal for the Idaho Contact Football League is to provide players a safe and organized way where they can compete at the next level, and they can play locally here in their own backyard," said Commissioner Eric Moore.

I showed up to a few practices of Meridian's own backyard ballers, Team Savage.

Laurant Mkubaya, a senior football player at Centennial High School. Also, he is the youngest player on Team Savage at just 18.

Mkubaya smiled and said, "It feels great man. Being able to be out here, getting in shape. A bunch of guys out here. I'm learning from a lot of people out here."

Speaking with Mkubaya, he told me that at the moment, his future doesn't show college ball, which Moore says is pretty common for most guys in the league.

"I'd probably say the vast majority of our players, probably 75% or so are guys who played in high school, were really good, who either didn't get recruited to college or didn't have the opportunity logistically to play in college," explained Bassett.

For players like Laurant, this may be the only opportunity they have left to shoot for their football dreams.

Moore continued, "It's a good way for them to get the film. I've probably had like four or five guys who have gone and played for arena ball."

"It is pretty common for the horsemen are probably looking at our league to be kind of a feeder league to what their level is. The best of our players might end up playing for the horsemen," said Bassett.

Quarterback Koby Spencer, the oldest player on the team at 38, had the opportunity to play with the horsemen but his time was cut short due to injury.

Spencer said, "It feels good to be able to get out here with the guys. I still obviously have a lot of competitiveness in me, so it feels good to get out here and mix it up with the kids, and at the same time a lot of these guys are new, so I feel like I'm taking in a roll as a mentor and a coach as well. I mean it turns into a family.

Speaking with Bassett, if you want to get involved, even though the season starts on March 30th, this is the spot for you. Especially if you want to find that competitive edge again. I'm your north Meridian neighborhood reporter Alexander Huddleston, Idaho News 6.