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Ridge to Rivers trails open as spring arrives

Posted at 7:43 AM, Mar 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-19 09:43:49-04

BOISE, Idaho — Spring is finally here and more trails are opening as the weather gets warmer and trail conditions improve. I spoke with a few hikers enjoying the trails early on in the season.

  • More trails are opening as the weather gets warmer and trail conditions improve
  • Ridge to Rivers post trail openings and closings, on their interactive map
  • Old Pen Trail and Heroes trail were recently opened

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

With the warmer temperatures more and more people are hitting the trails.

"We're climbing Table Rock for the first time, We're preparing for Machu Picchu this summer,” said Nancy Johnson.

Warmer temps mean more trails, and as we enter spring more trails will be opening.

David Gordon with Ridge to Rivers said, “First we're looking to see if it's dry enough, and assuming that's the case, then we're just pulling the fences that we put up over the course of the winter.”

There are several trails open around the foothills, recently, David Gordon, programs manager of Ridge to Rivers, opened Heroes Trail and Old Pen Trail.

“Last time she did it she was in a baby carrier, so it's been a while. They have not done it all the way to the top until today,” says Rayme Jones.

Colbie and Sailor Jones are sisters. They hiked Table Rock Trail for the first time and took the Old Pen Trail on their hike down.

Colbie said, "It was kinda hard I didn't really like it but kinda enjoyable it was pretty.”

Her sister Sailor added, “It was cool and it was really hard when we went uphill but it was kinda dangerous when we went all the way downhill.”

Depending on the conditions, some trails will be open or closed. Trails like Who Now Loop, Seaman Gulch, and Ridge Crest will be closed until they are ready for use.

"What people should know is that, if we get more weather then please stay off of them until they dry back out which this time of year happens much quicker in a few days of warm weather they dry right back up,” said Gordon.

Before you head out to any trail you want to make sure it's open that's why Ridge to Rivers posts if their trails are open or closed on their interactive map.