Zoo Boise welcomes a new Amur tiger

"Akasha" Zoo Boise new Amur tiger
Posted at 1:08 PM, May 26, 2022

BOISE, Idaho — Zoo Boise, a division of Boise Parks and Recreation, is welcoming a new Amur tiger. Akasha is an eleven-year-old female, and Zoo Boise officials say she is adjusting well to her new home.

Akasha was born at the Denver Zoo, but spent most of her life at the Mesker Park Zoo in Indiana.

Akasha is past her prime breeding age, and will now live out her golden years in Zoo Boise's new ReTigerment Home. Zoo officials say that life expectancy for Amur tigers in the wild is around 11 years, but they tend to live longer in zoos.

With Akasha retiring in Boise, tiger conservation efforts are being supported by opening up space for a pair of breeding tigers at different zoo. Those tigers have been matched by the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP), who have a goal of ensuring a healthy population of tigers within zoos, in case reintroduction into the wild is necessary.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Zoo Boise to welcome an animal into our family and take great care of her while advancing our conservation mission,” said Zoo Boise Director Gene Peacock.

"Amur tigers are endangered, which makes her move to Boise even more important," Zoo Boise said in a press release.

Zoo Boise visitors are welcome to come and see Akasha, but she will have access to her inside home, meaning you might not see her as she adjusts to her outdoor habitat.