Zoo Boise reopens to the public

Posted at 12:00 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 14:00:44-04

BOISE, Idaho — Zoo Boise reopened to the public this week with some modifications to keep guests, staff and the animals healthy.

The zoo will look different to most returning guests.

All of the outdoor exhibits are open, but indoor exhibits such as Penguin Pavillion and the Small Animal Kingdom are closed until further notice.

Guests will be required to follow one-way paths around the zoo. Orange arrows on the ground and signs mark these paths that will lead them in the right direction.

Sanitizing stations are located throughout the zoo, and guests are encouraged to use them periodically throughout their visit.

Zoo officials say they are also limiting the number of guests visiting at one time.

"We allow entry into the zoo every 30 minutes, and we allow a maximum of 100 visitors in any given hour, so the total number of visitors we can have throughout the day is about 600 visitors," Director of Parks and Recreation, Doug Holloway says.

Holloway also says the staff and animals are excited to start seeing visitors again.

"There's a lot of interest and passion for Zoo Boise, and so we have had a lot of our customers out there waiting for the opportunity for us to get open and where they can get back in and come see our animals again," Holloway says.

All ticket purchases for the zoo must be made online or by calling the zoo's front desk.