Your Voice, Your Vote: Brad Little

Posted at 1:34 PM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 15:34:27-04

Idaho Lt. Gov. Brad Little wants to be elected the next Governor of Idaho. In this edition of Your Voice, Your Vote, learn where Little stands on the issues you care about.


Who is Brad Little?

So, who is Brad Little and after serving as the Lt. Governor for Otter for Otter's 12-year tenure as Governor, what will Little do differently from our current Governor? Hear what Little has to say:



What are the challenges facing Idahoans that the next Governor will have to take up when they are elected?



Proposition 2

One of the items Idaho voters will be faced with when they head to the polls will be about expanding Medicaid coverage to add eligibility for people who are currently in the "gap" and uncovered.


Higher Education

Idaho has a goal of getting 60 percent of all high school graduates to "go on" to higher education. There's also a goal of 60 percent of all 25-34 year-olds having upper-education certification. What can the next Governor do to help reach that goal?


Early Education

Idaho ranks near the bottom in early education spending and literacy for third graders. What can be done to help remedy this problem?


Opioid Addiction

The problems of opioid addiction continue to grow in communities across Idaho. What can the next Governor do to remedy the issues and help stem the growth of addiction?


Opioid Programs

What kinds of programs would the candidate support funding or expanding to help those struggling with addiction?



More growth in Idaho and fewer beds in Idaho's prisons have led to individuals on both sides of the aisle supporting reform. What are the main concerns with the corrections system of Idaho and what will the candidate do if elected?


Mental Health

One of the main concerns leading to overcrowding of Idaho's jails and prisons is a deficit in the availability of programs and support for individuals with mental health issues. What will the candidate do to help those who are in need?


Nuclear Waste

Where does the candidate stand on the possibility of more nuclear waste coming to the state of Idaho for storage?