Young father makes history

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jun 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 00:32:32-04

Being a father isn't easy, especially at 17.

Here at Six On Your Side, we are committed to helping young parents with our annual Community Baby Shower. Tonight, Michelle Edmonds brings us a very special Father's Day story about a teenager who made history by just trying to be the best dad possible.

"I'm nervous cause I'm the first guy and I didn't know I was going to make history at this school," said Roboam Villalobos.

In its 96 year history, Roboam Villalobos is the first father to ever graduate from Marian Pritchett High School.
He started attending the Boise school for pregnant and parenting teens to be close his baby daughter Caroline.

"I was about to drop out of school, but then I thought about it and knew staying in school and being graduated is giving my daughter a better life and future," said Villalobos.

Marian Pritchett is a joint project between the Boise School District and Salvation Army. This year, eight students graduated and all of them plan to go on to post-secondary education. Roboam will enroll at Life's Kitchen and the College of Western Idaho.

As anxous as Roboam was to walk across that stage, he says it's nothing compared to seeing his daughter for the first time.

As a high school graduate, Roboam knows he's in a much better position to give little Caroline the best life possible.