Army veterans find unity through Wyakin Warriors

Posted at 10:45 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 00:45:30-05

Ian Freeman is a proud Army veteran and an advocate for better care for veterans who have served.

“I would like to see treatment for PTSD issues,” Freeman explained. “I know a lot of guys that still after three of four years wont go to a Boise State game. They won’t go to a birthday party because it’s just too much for them to handle.”

Freeman has vivid memories of being in Iraq.

“We did a route clearing mission pulling IEDs out of the ground, finding them, pulling them out of the ground and blowing them safely.  Sometimes you miss them,” Freeman said.

The 12,000 pound vehicle he was in was hit and lifted several feet into the air before crashing down.

“Funny part was my driver while we were in the air was trying to steer into a canal on the right side, like while in the air,” Freeman said.

He was flown back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington where he ran into Wyakin Warrior George Nickel.

Freeman says he found strength and community with other veterans through the Wyakin Warrior program

Freeman will be attending the annual Guardian Ball presented by the Wyakin Warrior Foundation and 6 On Your Side’s own Michelle Edmonds and Don Nelson will be emcees.

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