Woman in motorized wheelchair struck and killed in Caldwell

Posted: 9:50 PM, Jul 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-10 01:06:44-04

Olivia Owens was visiting her grandmother's house in Caldwell when she saw 58-year-old Mickey Reichert riding along the side of the road in her motorized wheelchair.

"She was just on her merry little way. And we were talking about how cute she was and how nothing was gonna stop her from going where she was going," Owens said. "And then it was probably an hour and a half, two hours later, we saw that happen."

It was around that time Thursday when officials were dispatched to the tragic scene on E. Ustick Road between S. Florida and Indiana Avenues.

Neighbors tell us that Reichert was riding in her motorized wheelchair on the roadside when a pickup truck came and struck her, sending her airborne, and eventually landing on the side of the road to her death.

Reichert was transported to west valley medical but could not be saved from her injuries. Officials tell us the collision is under investigation, and that the white Chevrolet pickup truck involved was driven by 30-year-old Brian Wilcox of Nampa.

"He stopped his truck and ran back to see what had happened," Stella Peltzer, the victim's sister, said. "But I think the neighborhood around here had already gathered and were trying to help her as much as they could."

Her daughter Christine Reichert says she wants to see change.
"Make more speed limit signs," Reichert said. "If there's not enough, make more. Try to widen the roads. I mean, the roads-- the roads-- I get it. Their main intention is for vehicles, but we've got people that walk down this road. We've got bikers down this road."

Her daughter would like to thank the neighborhood residents who she said came rushing to her mother's aid that day.