Woman finds surprise video message on phone after leaving it in a Caldwell bathroom

Posted at 2:18 PM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 16:23:17-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — A local story is getting a lot of attention on social media: a Treasure Valley woman was in for a heartwarming surprise after accidentally leaving her phone in the restroom near the Indian Creek Plaza Ice Ribbon.

She eventually called the plaza's office and was relieved to hear someone turned it in -- but that's not all.

The young women who found her phone left an uplifting recording on her camera roll before they turned it in.

"So we just found your phone in the restroom. You are rockin' those boots dude, like those are gorgeous on you. Keep wearing those," said one young woman.

"Yes, we love them," said another.

"We'll return it," affirmed another.

"I hope you find it! But, yeah bye! Have a good day. You're beautiful," said the first girl.

The woman who found the video on her phone posted it on her Facebook -- it's now gotten more than 800 likes, and nearly 500 shares.

Along with the video, she wrote she's being going through some tough times and really needed to hear that.

She then thanked the girls' parents for raising them right.