With increased enrollment, West Ada receives $4M emergency levy

Posted at 10:38 AM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 12:38:04-04

As the Treasure Valley continues to grow, so does the West Ada School District. 

And with an increase of about 800 students over the previous school year, the district needs more funding -- around $4 million in what's called an emergency levy.

"So far, we've hired 22 teachers, we have to buy additional textbooks for the 800 kids, and increase supply budgets at the schools," said Eric Exline, district spokesman. 

The increase in attendance, mostly seen at the secondary level, isn't new or surprising to district leaders, given just how much -- and how quickly -- the area has grown. 

Both Rocky Mountain and Mountain View High Schools rely on portable classrooms because of overcrowding. 

District leaders say Meridian High School's nearly-completed expansion should help, for now. 
"They're [Meridian] at about 1,800 students right now, but they also have the greatest potential for new kids, because their attendance area encompasses much of the undeveloped land in the West Ada School District...a lot of which is being built on now," Exline said.

Later this fall, West Ada School District officials will decide on whether they'll run a school bond next spring -- most likely for a new high school.