Wish Granters gives four blessing bikes to Idaho health care facilities

Posted at 3:45 PM, Oct 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-11 00:36:12-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Wish Granters held a ceremony at Kleiner Park in Meridian where they gave four Blessing Bikes to four different health care centers in Idaho.

The pandemic has made it tough on the senior population, but especially those who live in care centers.

However, once the pandemic ends these facilities will be able to take their residents on bike rides to get some fresh air.

Wish Granters held a video contest with the idea of giving away three bikes to the facility that put together the most compelling video.

However, Wish Granters thought four of those videos stood out, and they couldn't decide.

"They were all so amazing," said Dena McLauchlin of Wish Granters. "We couldn't just pick three and we had a generous anonymous donor that paid for half of one, and we purchased the other half."

The blessing bikes will go to Payette Healthcare Cascadia.

Peterson Place in Hayden.

The Cottage Senior Living of Nampa.

The Joshua Smith Foundation in Arco.

Wish Granters is a non-profit organization who creates memories and provides hope for people who have terminal illnesses.

They rely on donations and the generosity of the community to make a difference like they are doing with the blessing bikes.