Winter Garden aGlow kicks off another season of lights at the Idaho Botanical Garden

Posted at 6:56 PM, Nov 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-23 11:19:26-05

For the last 22 years people have been dazzled by the lights at the Winter Garden aGlow at the Idaho Botanical Garden and for many families, it has turned into a holiday tradition.

The team has worked since August setting up 400,000 lights and the popularity of the garden has turned the event into the botanical garden's biggest fundraiser of the year.

"It helps to support the operations, all the staff, all the programs and the educational services we provide year-round," said Erin Anderson the executive director of the garden. "Our mission here at the garden is to cultivate, educate and celebrate."

There are also some new features including a greenhouse for Santa where children can visit with St. Nick inside a heated workshop until Christmas, there is also an app that people can use to check out daily events and new interactive displays that people can control themselves.

The garden also provides a perfect romantic setting and Gillian Bovard who worked to set up the lights told us about a couple who got engaged at the garden last year.

"She thought they were coming for a normal Winter Garden aGlow and when they got to the top her whole family was waiting and there was an acoustical guitar playing," said Bovard. "I think that is just a romantic way to do that and surprising it makes something so wonderful that people share with their families even that much more special."

The garden is open evenings until January 1st and more information on how to get tickets click here.