Who did Sherri Ybarra hire?

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 20:27:02-04

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra has hired a new legislative liaison — but her spokesman isn’t naming any names.

The liaison will replace Tim Corder, a former state senator who left the job abruptly in February. Corder received a $108,139-a-year public salary in this post, although a recent job posting did not specify a salary for the new hire.

That posting has since been taken off Ybarra’s state website.

“It was removed from the site because a selection has been made,” Ybarra spokesman Jeff Church said in an email Wednesday. “At this point that is the detail that I am aware of.”

The legislative liaison job is a senior position in Ybarra’s staff — performing a highly public function. Corder, hired after Ybarra’s election in 2014, was typically Ybarra’s point person at Statehouse committees, presenting and defending the department’s legislation.

But like the recent hire, Corder’s departure has been a matter of mystery. In an interview with Idaho Public Television’s “Idaho Reports,” Corder said his mid-session departure was not necessarily planned.  “I think it’s just the way it worked out,” Corder said.

Ybarra has not commented on Corder’s departure.