Whitewater Park waves: About half way to go

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 20:24:56-04

Good news for outdoor enthusiasts, the Boise River flow Thursday afternoon continued to reside. It's still high but is now fluctuating around the flood stage at 7,000 cubic-feet-per-second.

Wave shapers at the Whitewater Park in Boise won't be in operation until the level is below 4,000 CFS.

As you can imagine, business has been slow at the nearby surf shop.

The owner is thankful he expanded operations last Summer to include a full time, taco truck. He says surfers haven't been able to get in the water due to high flows since Feb.

"I'd say surfing makes up at least 65-75 percent of the total users. So, if you come down here on a surf day versus a kayak day there's going to be a lot more of a line up," says Victor Meyers, owner of Corridor Paddle Surf Shop and part owner of Yardarm. "We have a pretty healthy, thriving surf population in Boise."

Something to look forward to that's right around the corner is the addition of three more water features at the Whitewater Park. That project is expected to start sometime this upcoming Fall.