Wheelchair rugby player headed to the Paralympics

Athlete has ties to the Treasure Valley
Posted at 10:16 PM, Jul 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-31 00:16:04-04

An athlete who went to high school in Eagle is headed to Rio.

Not for the olympic games but the paralympics' games.
Kory Puderbaugh may have been born a quad amputee. But he's an athlete through and through. Wheelchair rugby is the name of his game.

“I love the aggression the intensity there is a lot of mental pressure. That also adds to the challenge,” he said.

The hits are just as hard as regular rugby and the competition is just a stiff. He's showing off his skills at the Centurylink Arena with the Boise Bombers. But soon he's headed to Rio to compete with the national team on the world's stage.
A graduate of Centennial High School in Eagle. He was born in an orphanage in Poland. He just became a U.S. citizen and he’s honored to play for the country he loves.
Even though Kory was born a bit different and grew up in tough conditions, he's always set the bar high. Taking home gold in Rio is just another item on a long list of things people would never believe a quad amputee could ever do. And he's out there to prove them wrong

“Anything can be possible if your mind is willing to except that and go for it,” Kory said.