What would you do if you were attacked?

Learn some tips from The Dojo in Meridian
Posted at 7:39 AM, May 17, 2017
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"Your mindset has to be survive, survive, survive. create chaos, go crazy," said Chris Peterson, owner of The Dojo in Meridian. 
It could happen anywhere, anytime. 
Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were suddenly attacked? 
Sensei Chris Peterson, owner of The Dojo, teaches self defense classes. 
Michelle Woodmansee is his student.  
"I do feel more confident in the fact that if i did need to defend myself, I've got a few tools in my belt," said Michelle Woodmansee, student at The Dojo. 
But Peterson says there are ways to best prevent an attack.  
"I like to say that the first line of defense is staying out of bad situations," said Peterson.
And that means... 
"A huge, huge part of self defense comes down to awareness," said Peterson. 
 A cell phone, head phones or even a book could be huge a distraction. 
Peterson says keep your eyes and ears open, walk with confidence and if you feel like something is off...
"Make that note of it and don't just shrug it off and especially if you get that feeling in your gut, you know that's a survival instinct," said Chris Peterson, owner of The Dojo in Meridian. 
According to Peterson, one of the biggest mistakes people make...
"Keep that distance. Don't allow them to get within that space," said Peterson. 
And don't stick around.
"And they're continuing to come in at me, I'm out of there, I'm taking off and I'm getting to the safest place," said Peterson
But if all prevention measures fail, make a scene. 
"It's simply survival at that point and um you know, you fight until you're free," said Peterson. 
"Some of the good targets are going for the eyes, smash into the nose, clap on the ears, I can rip on the ears, I can pull on the ears," said Peterson. 
After taking Peterson's class, Michelle says she's more confident about defending herself. 
"If you think I'm going to be weak enough that you chose me to attack, I am going to prove you wrong all day long," said Woodmansee. 
And she wants others to gain that same confidence. 
"At least have a baseline of something and even if it's just to instill the not today, I'm not going to be a victim mindset," said Woodmansee. 
Peterson also says if you buy pepper spray, buy two and test out one so you know how to use it.
Also make sure it's somewhere you can reach easily.
If you are interested in taking a class, there are on going classes at The Dojo and Peterson says they can also teach self defense classes to small groups who would like to take it together. 
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