What to know about the holiday return process

Posted at 7:13 AM, Jan 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-05 09:13:44-05

IDAHO — The holiday season may be over, but the gift return season is just heating up.

Businesses and shipping services are inundated around this time each year with returns and exchanges. If you're planning to make a return, there are a few steps you need to remember first.

The Better Business Bureau suggests starting with reviewing your return policy to make sure the item is even eligible to send back or exchange. Then, find out what kind of time frame you have to make that return, if there are any fees, where to return your item, and how it should be shipped.

"You're going to want to return everything that came along with a gift. We're talking packaging, paperwork, anything else that might be included with that original shipment," says Rebecca Barr with the Better Business Bureau. "If it was an electronic gift, you want to make sure the packaging is still intact because a lot of merchants won't accept the return if it's not in the original packaging."

For clothing, make sure tags are attached or with your return.

If a company policy doesn't allow for a return, contact them directly and explain the situation. They may offer an option like an exchange or store credit. If those don't work out, try reselling, regifting, or donating the item.

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