West Ada school inadvertently sent into lockdown mode

Posted at 10:03 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 00:05:29-04
It was a scary situation at Mountain View High School after a system malfunction inadvertently sent the school into lockdown mode. 
"I was in choir so we were in the middle of singing one of our pieces we all just dropped our music grabbed some of the risers and shoved it up against the door," said Claire Glenn, a student at the school.
"We barricaded the door. My teacher took a metal bat to get ready. We actually took a belt and tried  locking the door so it couldn't open by taking some dudes belt off," explained student Lily Rasmussen. 
While school officials believe it was a technical malfunction in the system, this isn't the first time the school district said this has happened.
Earlier this year Sienna Elementary went back into lockdown mode shortly after a scheduled lockdown drill.
"On the phone, there is a particular sequence that they would put in on the keypad and that alerts the system," Explained West Ada spokesman Eric Exline.  "A staff member goes, puts the building in lockdown, but he never cleared that from his phone and so the next time he picked up it auto redialed it and so that same day it announced that they were in lockdown."
While it can be a scary situation for everyone, especially for kids, Exline said you can never have too much practice.
"You are much better off being prepared for it if there is a problem than not," said Exline.