West Ada School District votes to not pursue emergency funding for this school year

West Ada School District
Posted at 5:39 PM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 19:39:27-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The West Ada School District (WASD) was eligible to pursue $8.78 million in emergency funding for this school year. The funding, which comes from property taxes, is eligible to school districts that have seen a certain amount of growth each year. WASD met those requirements.

"With this historic state investment into public education," said Dr. Derek Bub, WASD Superintendent in a press release. "The outlook for helping schools with these challenges and providing relief to our local property taxpayers is bright.”

The funding schools in Idaho look to receive after the special session from earlier this month gave the board confidence that it would not need to burden taxpayers for the funds. Even though the school district and the Treasure Valley has experienced a lot of growth, chief communications officer for West Ada, Greg Wilson, says the goal is to have the tax payers in mind.

“Growth is here, we’re going to have needs for facilities moving forward. But, we’re wanting to make sure we’re being respectful of our tax payers and we’re really being smart with the way we proceed. And that’s how the board looked at this decision and how we’re looking at all decisions moving forward.”