West Ada Recall a split decision

Posted at 5:56 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-13 19:56:30-04

One of the most controversial elections on Tuesday will have very few people deciding the outcome.

Local politics has a way of getting down and dirty and as the May 17th primary looms just four days away the mudslinging is intensifying. Both sides of the West Ada School District recall have their fair share of accusations.

As the two sides fight it out, everything will be determined at the ballot box. And really it's only a few boxes.
Only voters in school district zones one and three will have a say in the matter - those represented by trustees Tina Dean and Carol Sayles.

"The intensity of this election is ratcheting up and turnout is an important factor," said Idaho Education News reporter Kevin Richert.

For a successful recall you need two things. First, a majority in favor, or fifty percent plus one. Then, the total number of yes votes must be greater than the original vote the board members received.

"So that's where turnout becomes a factor,” said Richert. “If you get 50% support for a recall but you have really low turnout it doesn't matter."

The bar for Dean is 185 votes. For Sayles it's 339 votes.

No matter the chatter from both sides, it all comes down to the voters in only those 2 zones.