West Ada and Boise School districts each receive $10,000 donation for middle school sports

Kellogg's and Albertsons donates to West Ada School district
Posted at 9:43 AM, Jan 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-20 11:43:31-05

Albertsons and Kellogg's partnered to donate $10,000 each to the West Ada and Boise school districts this week. The money will be used to help keep middle school kids active in Idaho.

The Boise school district tells Idaho News 6 they plan to use their $10,000 for sports equipment throughout their junior highs.

As for West Ada, they divided the $10,000 equally between four schools. Lake Hazel, Meridian Middle, Lewis and Clark, and Lowell Scott middle schools each received $2,500 for their athletic departments.

“With this money, it’ll help us put uniforms on them (the athletes) and give them basketballs, and give them headgear, and singlets and shoulder pads," Said Lowell Scott athletic director Brandon Asbury. "So, I think that’s the benefit."

Asbury sees a difference when kids participate in sports at a young age. He says they are more energetic, they want to come to school, and they care about their grades.

Lowell Scott wrestling coach, Andrew Johnson, says that sports are a way to prepare kids for adult life. He says it teaches them lessons of confidence and self-worth.

He also says coaches have a huge responsibility to make athletics a good experience for children.

“We have different coaches all over the Treasure Valley telling good kids that ‘you mean something to me, you are important, you have value, you can do hard things'," Johnson said. "Those messages, if they can take them to heart, are critical for life.”

Both Johnson and Asbury believe donations like this one can help bring more kids the benefit of sports.