Wellness Wednesday: healthy grilling tips

Posted at 9:57 AM, Apr 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-22 11:57:55-04

BOISE, Idaho — As the weather continues to heat up and people stay home more often, you might be thinking about firing up the grill to break up your regular dinner routine. So how can you do that while keeping it healthy?

Molly Tevis, Regional Dietitian for Albertsons, says one of her favorite go-tos is kebobs.

"You can use the fruits and the vegetables you have in the refrigerator. You can also use any type of protein, so you can use pork, chicken, steak, whatever you have on hand," says Tevis.

When it comes to which material your skewers should be made from, Tevis says it's really personal preference when choosing between a metal or wood skewer.

"They both work great. I like to use wood just because they don't get as hot to the touch, but I recommend soaking them in water before you use them so that they don't burn."

The versatility of kebobs means it's also an easy dish to get the kids involved in making. There's no shortage of ways to customize your kebob before setting it on the grill. When you are getting ready to make your own kebob, try and split the cooking up so none of your food is overdone.

"I like to put my protein on one kebob so I'm not trying to cook raw meat and vegetables at the same time since they cook at different temperatures. So try and keep your meat and your veggies or your lower-temp items separate, and then I aim to have at least three food groups for my entree. So I have a protein, I have my fruits and my veggies, and then you can also grill up--right next to your kebob--some healthy fats by just grilling an avocado," says Tevis.

When it comes to avoiding your kebobs sticking to the grill, Tevis says avoid a high sugar marinade or sauce. Try using a simple olive oil vinaigrette-based salad dressing or an olive oil and balsamic vinegar or soy sauce mixture.

"The olive oil will give it some healthy fats and prevent it from sticking while that soy sauce or the balsamic vinegar will give it some flavor and make it really tender," says Tevis.

If you're looking to support a local Idaho supplier, Tevis says it's still early for many producers but to stay tuned as products roll out shortly. Tevis encourages shoppers to look for locally made seasonings and marinades if their favorite local produce or meat isn't available.

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