Wellness Wednesday: creating healthy eating habits with your children

Easy meal ideas for you and your child
Posted at 10:02 AM, Sep 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-11 12:02:41-04

BOISE, Idaho — School is back in session and if you're looking to create healthy habits for your family this year, Albertsons and Blue Cross of Idaho are ready to help!

There are easy ways to get your child involved in the kitchen, including creating a build-your-own oatmeal station. Just take instant plain oatmeal and offer up a variety of your family's favorite fruits and nuts to customize their oatmeal. You can also try these easy egg bite muffins with toast or fruit. That option helps you get at least three food groups included at breakfast to keep kids full and happy until lunchtime.

If you're looking to make your child's lunches a little healthier, there are also easy ways to check that off the list! Cold soba noodle salads are a quick dish that can be served hot or cold, so you don't have to worry about your child needing a microwave at school. The salads are a great alternative to a traditional sandwich, can be customized for favorite vegetables, and are enjoyed by kids and parents.

Bento boxes are also a great alternative to Lunchables. You can change them up to fit your family's preferences, and get your kids involved by sitting down and sharing what flavors or foods they may want in their box. Kids will be more likely to eat a lunch they had a say in planning.

For more meal ideas, check out the Albertsons recipe site here.