'Welcome to Ontario': Local artists adding art to downtown

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Posted at 5:10 PM, Oct 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-15 19:43:22-04

ONTARIO, Oregon  — Local artists of Boise and Portland painted a new mural, as part of the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company's goal to create an art district in downtown Ontario.

"The murals are an extension of us trying to dress up the downtown," Jeremy Archie, TVCC's Owner said. "The buildings here have so much character and it’s kind of underserved."

The new mural that was painted by 7 different local artists says, "Welcome to Ontario."

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“The artists did a really good job coming together with all the different colors," Chase Muromoto, Art District Coordinator said.

This is the third mural to be painted at the intersection, and TVCC hopes that there are many more to come.

“We are helping build Ontario and the creative approach of how people look at the city," Muromoto said. "We have really been focusing on improving the way this downtown looks and want to involve more local artists."

With an end goal of creating an art district in the downtown area, similiar to Freak Alley in Boise where people come to see it, walk through it and take pictures.

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"People love it. They love the fact that there is new stuff going on," Archie said. "And that it’s not just the same intersection, the same street, and the same building for the last 50 years or however long you have been in the area. It’s just a little something new for residents and people visiting."

The most rewarding part for them is seeing people stop and take pictures in front of the murals.

"Customers and employees stop by and tell us thank you," Kauila Miller, TVCC's General Manager said. "They appreciate that we are beautifying downtown and adding something different."

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If you are an artist and would like to paint a mural, or if you are a local business in Ontario and would like a mural painted on your building, email

“With the ability to do stuff like this we want to try and bring bigger city things like districts, so people can really see the inspiration that comes from art," Muromoto said.