Weiser High School renting campsites, parking spots for eclipse

Posted at 11:00 AM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 13:00:21-04

While hotels, vacation rentals and campsites might be sold out for eclipse-goers, one high school in the path of totality is taking in guests for the once-in-a-lifetime event.

It's not your typical lodging, but if you're looking for a place to stay during the solar eclipse, consider Weiser High School.

"We have a nine-acre field where our practice fields are, just north of campus," said Dave Davies, Weiser High School Principal. "We're going to let people tent camp there on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then they'll leave Monday after the eclipse."

Weiser's campus can accommodate about 300 campsites. So far, 140 spots have been sold for $100 each. That price includes lodging for three nights. 

The school also sold 208 stalls in its parking lot. Additionally, guests will have access to the school's locker rooms. 

"We're doing our best to make sure that the thousands of people that come to our tiny little town in Idaho are comfortable and able to enjoy the eclipse as best they can," said Mikel Davies, a senior at Weiser High School. 

It'll be all hands on deck for student-volunteers on Monday, Aug. 21 -- the day of the eclipse -- as all of the money raised will benefit clubs and athletic teams. 

"We're having an information booth where people can come and get maps and flyers and stuff," said Emma Davidson, a senior at Weiser High School. "And we're running the showers, so people can come through and buy tickets to go to the showers. We're also selling really cool t-shirts that we made...handmade in Weiser."

Students will also be selling eclipse glasses for $2. They say this once-in-a-lifetime event is worth spending their last few days of summer break at school. 

"I'm super excited," said Grace McKie, a senior at Weiser High School. "I've never seen one before, so I think it'll be cool."