Warning: Deadliest driving days around the corner

Posted at 6:04 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 20:31:05-04

Those with the Idaho State Police and the Idaho Transportation Department have teamed up to work toward zero impaired driving deaths this Summer.

Six On Your Side has some tips as we head into the 100 deadliest driving days on Idaho roads.

Before you head out the door for the long Memorial Day weekend, those who see first-hand the aftermath of a crash where there are no survivors have some simple reminders. Law enforcement agents say buckling up is always your first line of defense, but being patient can prove to go a long way toward safely getting to your destination.

People who travel around the Treasure Valley while working see behaviors that put drivers at risk.

"Everyone just wants to get where they're going and doesn't want to necessarily be sitting in their car," says Brandon Feely, a Boise State University student who does lawn care and landscaping maintenance. "And so, they'll make more dangerous passes."

Planning ahead can go a long way. ISP Sgt. Ken Beckner says why not plan on taking your time and enjoy the ride? He stresses this outlook on travel in the Summer especially near construction zones.

"Once they get past that [construction zones], don't speed," Sgt. Beckner says. "Make sure you're giving proper following distance and drive safely, not driving while impaired, wearing your seatbelts."

Beckner says most crashes involving deaths in the Gem state occur from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

In general, Feely packs water in the car and tries to take roads less traveled. Based on personal experience, he points out, even fatigued or drowsy drivers are at risk.

"You never know what other people are doing or what they are feeling," he says. "A lot of it's unpreventable on your side but if everybody kind of does their part to stay attentive I think we could be a lot safer."