Warhawk Air Museum premieres documentary: "I Married the War"

Posted at 5:12 PM, Jul 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-22 19:12:57-04

The Warhawk Air Museum in conjunction with Mission 43 is hosting a special event on Saturday to debut a new documentary that focuses on military spouses.

"I Married the War," is a documentary produced by Betty and Ken Rogers and they chose the Warhawk Air Museum for the premiere which tells the story of six military wives and how their lives were effected when their husbands went off to war.

"It’s a complete non-recognized area of our society and the consequences of war for families," said Sue Paul, the executive director of the museum. "It’s never been done before, not like this so it is going to be very impactful and very important."

The doors open Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. the film will start at ten and after it ends a panel of three military spouses will talk about their experiences.

The event costs $10 and will feature snacks, coffee and mimosa courtesy of Mission 43, a local non-profit who helps veterans through education, employment and engagement.

"Mission 43 helps our military spouses just as much as we help our veterans," said Julia Fishman of Mission 43. "It has been really important for us to make that we are actually serving that community."

The proceeds raised at this event will go towards a planned expansion to add another wing to the Warhawk Air Museum, this wing will honor post 9/11 veterans who served during the Global War on Terror.

We first told you about this plan last December, since then the museum has secured several large donations, gotten support from the community and raised $2.7 million of their $3.5 million goal.

"This museum will be unique to any museum in our country when we are finished because of the historical steps that people will take through our nation’s history and its wars," said Paul.

If you can't make it to the documentary screening, it's time to start thinking about the War Bird Roundup that takes place on the last weekend of August featuring a mix of the latest in military aviation, historic planes and heritage flights.

"We are honoring and celebrating the 80th anniversary of General Doolittle’s attack on Japan," said Paul. "The Doolittle raid, his grand daughter will be our keynote speaker and we have the F-35 coming back."