Viral TikTok challenge hitting Idaho schools

Tik Tok trend
Posted at 3:40 PM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 17:40:13-04

IDAHO — A viral TikTok trend is sweeping schools across the county and right here in Idaho.

The new trend called the “Devious Lick” challenge is encouraging students to steal or damage school property.

A bathroom at Lake Hazel Middle School in the West Ada School District has been vandalized due to the challenge. Soap has been taken out of dispensers and toilet paper rolls have been thrown into the toilets, making them unusable for other students.

The district confirmed Mountain View High School also had an incident yesterday. Owyhee High school shared a post on Facebook encouraging and challenging students to participate in a positive TikTok trend that does not destroy school property.

Mountain View parents received an email yesterday asking parents to speak with their students about the trend and the harm it causes to school property.

MVHS Parents and Guardians,
"We are so proud of our student population. We have the best students at MVHS. At this time, we need your help with a situation. There has been a large amount of vandalism in our bathrooms being done by a select very few. We believe this has something to do with a TikTok challenge. We are asking you to speak with your student(s) about this. We are asking for students to report anything they see as soon as possible, including any TikTok videos displaying our school. This will help us clean things quickly and do our best to catch those that are doing the vandalizing. They can report things by emailing their assistant principal or reporting concerns to the office or their teacher. They will remain anonymous. We greatly appreciate your help in this situation. We would like to work together as a community so that our school is safe and stays one of the best."