Vigil for Rocky Mountain student held Wednesday night

Posted at 6:13 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 00:54:56-04

A vigil was held Wednesday night for a Rocky Mountain High School student who died at the hospital last Friday.

Kate Marshall, 15, suffered from complications due to strep throat.

As a freshman, Marshall played softball on the school's varsity team. Her teammates are the ones who planned the community-wide celebration of her life at the high school's softball field. 

Hundreds of people were in attendance. Paper bags with attendees favorite memories of Kate lined the field spelling out her name. 

"As a freshman, she Jaidyn Ahl, one of Kate's softball teammates. 

The head coach, Brian White, says it's been a struggle this week but that with each passing day everyone is coping better with the loss.

"We got a big tournament coming up with a lot of teams in the valley going up, and she was teammates with people from Caldwell to East Boise," White says. "All those kids are going to be at the state tournament and they need to know that it's still okay to go play for Kate and play with her passion of the sport."

A softball game scheduled for Thursday will be dedicated to her. 

Wristbands in Kate's memory are also being sold at the school store. Proceeds will go to the Marshall family.