Viewers express concern over school safety on Election Day

Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 23:57:26-04
If high early-voting numbers are any indication, the polls could draw long lines on Tuesday, and that has some viewers concerned.
A number of you emailed the On Your Side Newsroom expressing concern that certain individuals shouldn't be allowed on school property to vote. 
One viewer wrote: "I am concerned for my son's safety since voting is done at school during school hours."
We spoke with the Boise, West Ada, and Nampa School Districts, they all said that polling places are located where there is supervision from adults in the building, and in locations where students don't interact with voters. 
"All of our staff members receive ongoing training as it relates to safety and making sure that we provide the most safe and secure environment that we can for students," said Dan Hollar, spokesman for the Boise School District. "I will tell you that we don't have any history of disruptions in our schools on election day and so we feel confident in that regard" 
Another asked, "If I'm worried about my school safety, can I keep them home for the day?" 
All three school districts say if you wish to keep your child home, that is your decision.
"If they do choose to keep their child home on election day that would be defined as an excused absence," said Hollar.
Another viewer wanted to know, "Do registered sex offenders have the right to vote? If so, and if an elementary school is their polling place, what do we do when kids are present?"
Idaho law says, yes, even when registered sex offenders are prohibited from being around children, they do have the right to vote and can enter a school to cast their ballot but they say they must enter, vote, and then leave. 
"We will take those steps needed to continue to make sure that our schools are safe for the sake of our students," said Hollar.