Veteran discovers military burial flag, now is searching for rightful owners

Posted at 6:19 PM, Jan 13, 2019

HOMEDALE, Idaho — One veteran's cleanup project in Nampa led to another's missing treasure.

While cleaning out a home in Nampa, veteran David Slawson Sr. found a military burial flag. All he had was the name of the owner, Mr. Argo Buchanan, but he says he knew immediately how special the flag was.

"It was very dirty and we did not at that time know what it was, until we found the presentation case that it went in," Slawson said. "Their father or grandfather or whoever it was whose casket this flagged draped took the time out of his life to serve his country, the country that he loved and so that's special."

Slawson, hoping to return the flag to Mr. Buchanan's family, reached out to friends and distant connections on Facebook, but so far has had no luck. He cleaned and restored the flag himself, making sure it was in pristine condition for the rightful owner. For Slawson, getting the flag back to the family it belongs to is especially important because he watched his son serve in the military for 17 years--and knows first hand the sacrifice the flag represents.

"The first time he was gone for that year, every time a car drove down the road that we didn't know, it just shook you to your core. It was special to have him come home in one piece when a lot of his friends didn't," Slawson said.

Even if no one comes forward, Slawson says he is dedicated to making sure the sacrifice will not be forgotten.

"It is our firm desire to have this flag which we consider very special and sacred to be returned to the family that it rightfully belongs to," Slawson said.

If you know any family members connected to this flag, please email us ( or reach out to us on our Facebook page.