US Army Corps of Engineers denies easement, blocks Dakota Access Pipeline (FULL TEXT LINK)

Looking for another location, says USAC
Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 00:30:12-05

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced their effective blocking of the Dakota Access Pipeline less than a day after Idaho Stands with Standing Rock protestors gathered at Boise City Hall in sympathetic protest with Sioux Indians protesting the building of the oil pipeline across lands they view as sacred unto themselves and to their ancestors.


Celia Espinoza and Metro Trujillo brought everything they could to support the protestors of the North Dakota Access Pipeline last month, from shoes to tribal medicines.

Just moments earlier, Celia learned the US Army Corps of Engineers did not offer an easement for further construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

"Oh my god...", she said, wiping her eyes of tears.

Metro didn't think he'd wind up as an activist. "Honestly, I don't know how to explain myself because I mean, I've never seen myself as an activist or anything like that. It's just I care about the people."  

Less than a day earlier, a protest they organized at Boise City Hall drew dozens of supporters, and a few anti-protests from the public of "Get a job!"

Celia's concerns are global. "There's so much happening over there that ... is already happening here."

At the core of the issue, a company wanted to build an oil pipeline that indigenous people including Sioux Indians cuts across their sacred land and harms their ancestors and the environment.  

While the army corps of engineers say they are looking for alternative routes, Celia says she sees more conflcit in the future for self-styled Water Protectors.

"I'm excited. I'm happy. It's going to be a fight but they [the Water Protectors] are more than ready for it."

Critics say this puts a chill on infrastructure development in the US and it could cost jobs and economic growth.

Celia and Metro say they'll be back to the protest site, even if it is to just help a clean up effort.