Trailer court residents issued eviction notices

Posted at 3:38 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-17 23:38:38-04

Residents of a trailer court in Nampa were officially asked to vacate the premises by the City of Nampa following an issue with a septic system and sewer line.

Landlord Dean Levitt explained in an interview on March 15th that the trailers sit on an old septic system that would be too expensive to hook to the city sewer line.

He had to limit residents to only an hour of water use a day to try and give them more time to find a new place to live.

On March 16th, the City of Nampa sent out two documents with at least two dozen alternative housing outlets and phone numbers.

"It's too much money and I don't have this money," said resident Raquelina Santoyo during an interview earlier in the week. When asked what she will do, the single mother of two replied, "Go live under the bridge."

The residents have thirty days to leave the premises and find a new place to live.

In a press release from the City of Nampa, details were outlined on how people can help the soon-to-be-evicted residents:

"We have many organizations asking how they can help.  The City’s Community Development Office will continue to help coordinate assistance and disseminate information regarding resources.

A central location seemed to be the best option rather than the tenants getting random deliveries of items.

The Salvation Army has graciously offered to serve as a central location for donated goods and funds for use by the tenants.  We will inform the tenants of available items that they can obtain as well as help coordinate volunteers to deliver for tenants that lack transportation.  Please drop off items at the Salvation Army offices: 403 12th Ave South, Nampa ID.  **Any items or funds that are unused by the tenants will remain with the Salvation Army to use toward other individuals in need.

As of right now the needs that have been identified are below:
·         Paper/plastic plates & utensils
·         Laundry Soap for use at laundry mats and/or shelter
·         Water bottles
·         Hygiene Kits
·         Volunteers to help move – boxes & trucks (on a case by case basis)"