UPDATE: Police push for permits on sales of CBD, local store boosts testing

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-11 23:16:45-04

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Bringing CBD products to Idaho has been anything but easy. That's why the owners of Meridian's Gold Nugget CBD store are going to extreme lengths to make sure no THC ends up in their product supply.

For those just learning about CBD, the product is a derivative of the hemp plant, not marijuana, and many users are claiming it helps with pain, anxiety, and even sleeplessness. But the Harvard Medical School says more studies are needed to substantiate users' claims about pain control and other medical applications.

But one thing's for sure: business is booming for the first standalone CBD store in Idaho, the Gold Nugget.

"They have been busy every single day, people coming in and out of that store," said Police Chief Jeff Lavey, Meridian Police Department.

So busy in fact, the owners are now looking to bring the alternative pain and anxiety management product to Boise with a new brick-and-mortar there.

"I think that this is a good alternative, and I think if you ask our clientele, they would agree," said Justin Long, co-owner, Gold Nugget CBD.

But owners realize they're wading in hot waters; they say customers are mentioning that CBD products they purchased elsewhere in Idaho-- not in their store-- did contain THC, the illegal chemical that gets you high.

"Depending on how its manufactured, there is definitely the ability for it to contain THC in it," said Chief Lavey.

The Longs are aware of that-- and that's why they say they intend to play by the rules.

"Well we met with the city attorneys and Chief Lavey and they expressed concern of criminal liabilities in retailing CBD," said Long.

They say they've already implemented third party testing-- but Lavey then questioned the accuracy of that method, causing the Longs to now add a fourth party testing facility.

"That fourth party testing will take place in Oregon, reducing everybody's liability," said Long.

They've also dedicated to a team of employees to make sure no mis-shipments are made across the border. Now, Lavey is asking Meridian's City Council to consider adding regulations like this for all interested CBD retailers.

"You might see some type of permitting process [in Meridian] that allows us to collect moneys that would then be used to do the compliance checks, to do the lab tests," said Lavey.

In the meantime, the Longs are confident that by adding a fourth party, they'll steer clear of legal trouble punishable by felony.

"We're gonna test those products prior to those products coming into the state of Idaho," said Long.

Lavey says-- at this point-- they've received no complaints from citizens about the store's presence in Meridian.