LATEST: Oregon Armed Militia Standoff

Posted at 10:30 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 00:35:20-05
 An Arizona rancher who is part of the militia group that has taken over a wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon, says he has heard rumors that the FBI has warrants out for his arrest, as well as the arrest of four of his friends.
The FBI in Portland referred calls to the Harney County Joint Information Center, which said in a statement it had no information on arrests or arrest warrants and that authorities were "still working on a peaceful resolution."
LaVoy Finicum tells 6 On Your Side that if the FBI wants to talk to him, they know where to find him. He adds that he is not backing down. And while he has a rifle, he says he does not want to use it. 
"I will not point the gun if they don't point a point a gun at me," said Finicum. "I have always said that." 
Finicum says he will be sleeping overnight on a tarp at the entrance of the refuge. 
Ammon Bundy, a group leader, said they would take a defensive position anticipating a possible raid.
The group calling itself Citizens for Constitutional Freedom said it wants an inquiry into whether the government is forcing ranchers off their land.