Unique taco joint finds place in Eagle

Spitfire Tacos + Tequila will turn heads on State St.
Posted at 11:01 AM, Oct 19, 2023

EAGLE, IDAHO — Residents who live in or drive through downtown Eagle on a regular basis have probably been curious about the new establishment being built across the street from Heritage Park.

Well, wonder no longer!

If you've gone by within the last week, you may have seen the sign for Spitfire Tacos and Tequila, donning a descriptive name that perfectly showcases what you'll find there. Self-described as "North of the border, authentically-made inauthentic tacos," Spitfire Tacos and Tequila, which is being built on the corner of 2nd and State in downtown Eagle, will be the fourth location for the quick-service restaurant, with the other three feeding locals in the San Diego, California area.

The first Idaho location will feature its signature items, such as tacos and burritos with spit-fired meats, a second floor with an open balcony, and a bar on each level serving up house-made drinks.

Boise native Todd Ketlinski is one of the Spitfire Tacos and Tequila owners, partnering with Scott Slater, who opened the original three.

"There's just an influx of great restaurants coming to town right now and I think everyone is just getting exposed to so many different flavors. Everybody knows that everybody's moving here from other places, so there's certainly more of a demand for some different styles of restaurants. It's very exciting to be coming in and be lucky enough to be the fabric of that restaurant community that's bringing the diversity that, I think, everybody's really looking forward to," said Slater.

So when can you expect to try out this unique spot? Slater says they expect to open sometime this winter between mid-December and mid-January. For more information on what to expect from Spitfire Tacos and Tequila, check out their website(