Unique program helps Treasure Valley residents gain new cooking skills

The Idaho Foodbank offers "Cooking Matters" course
Posted at 10:14 AM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 12:55:28-05

A unique program through the Idaho Foodbank called,  "Cooking Matters" gives Treasure Valley residents a chance to gain some new cooking skills and learn healthy eating habits while doing so. 
The course teaches food prep, safety, and food budgeting skills that people can use to make healthy choices. 

"Oh, it makes me feel so good and I can go home and say hey I can go home and do this," says Bonnie Cadwell, student, "Cooking Matters." 

The theme for the week is fast food at your own home. On the menu are chicken burgers, sweet potato fries, and apple salad.  

Kelsey Ruszel, a registered dietician at Family Medicine Residency of Idaho says healthy meals can be prepared with about a third of the fat compared to fast foods. 

George Blumenschein, a volunteer chef instructor for The Idaho Foodbank grew up in the restaraunt world and says he wants to share what he's learned in culinary school with others.

"What makes it really special for me is seeing all the nervousness at the beginnning of the class and seeing the joy on their faces," says Blumenschein.  

Bonnie Cadwell, one of his students, enjoys learning hands on in the kitchen. She feels like she's gaining new skills like correcty using a knife to cut vegetables. 

"Especially cutting the onions," says Cadwell. 

Cadwell says she has had the chance to try several recipes and she says she likes them all. 

She says she has the confidence to make healthy choices and she's ready to take what she's learned at the course to share with others. 

"Ya, I'm excited to take this knowledge home and share it with my daughter and maybe she'll learn something that she can take to work herself," says Cadwell. 

The students graduate from the course on November 27th, 2017.

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