ULLR fest back at Bogus Basin

Posted at 4:56 PM, Feb 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-02 19:40:58-05

BOISE  — Want it to snow? The folks up at Bogus Basin say you need to ask ULLR for that.

"ULLR is the Scandinavian mythical god of snow, winter, skiing," said Bogus Basin ski club board member Vicki Kuebler.

ULLR fest started back in 2008. It doesn't happen every year but it's grown bigger each time.

"I think 10 people noticed the first year," said Kuebler.

The festival, jam packed with skiers this year. Some, like twelve year old Kodiak Neddo racing their way down the mountain.

"I just finished up with my freestyle and just finished up with my Nordic," said Neddo.

He skis at bogus basin every Saturday but loves the added fun of the ULLR fest.

"I was here last year and won a prize last year and I'm going for the same one but bigger," said Neddo.

ULLR fests are celebrated all across the country, but up at Bogus Basin, ULLR delivered.

"Everyone wanted snow and we're getting it, we're getting exactly what we prayed for," said Kuebler.