UberEATS launches in Boise Tuesday

Posted at 8:47 PM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 00:22:46-04

UberEATS launched in Boise Tuesday. It works like the Uber app, but instead of picking up and dropping off people, its precious cargo is of the edible variety. 

Tony Eiguren, owner of The Basque Market, says he bit at the chance to have his food delivered through UberEATS.

Now, instead of hiring and paying a delivery driver, an Uber driver will come to his restaurant and pick up deliveries. 

"We go to the restaurant and show them the order number and grab the food," Uber driver Amy Sames said. "Then we let them know we're on our way to the destination, so they can actually track where their food is and how close their food is." 

For a flat fee of six dollars per order, customers can pick from a variety of local cuisines and have it brought to their work, home or school. Payment for food and delivery is made through the app. 

"I used to work at home, so I would be stuck," Sames said. "I would have given anything to have somebody deliver something other than pizza to me, so I think it's great." 

Eiguren said he's not worried about losing touch with his customers.

"It's a different service," he said. "People are still in here and eating family-style and meeting people."

The UberEATS Boise service will include downtown as well as Eagle, the North End, Meridian and parts of southeast Boise.