U.S. Senate candidates face off in debate

US Senate debate
Posted at 5:05 PM, Oct 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-05 19:05:58-04

Candidates facing off to represent Idaho in the United States Senate went head-to-head Tuesday night for the second Idaho Debates of this election cycle, hosted by Idaho Public Television.

Three out of the five candidates that who will appear on your ballot for the U.S Senate debated against each other earlier this week. Scott Cleveland, David Roth and incumbent Mike Crapo argued why they think they should represent Idaho.

“Our leaders, including career politicians like Mike Crapo, are failing miserably at serving the best interest of everyday average Americans,” Cleveland said.

Cleveland owns an investment and brokerage firm in eagle and calls himself the “independent conservative candidate.”

Crapo, the incumbent, is seeking his fifth term in the U.S Senate.

“My record is solid and proven in fighting effectively and aggressively for Idaho's principles and values,” Crapo said.

Roth is the executive director of the Bonneville Youth Development Council in Idaho Falls and the democratic nominee.

“We require leadership with real-world experience. We must have a senator who understands that here in Idaho we have real people with real problems and we require real solutions,” Roth said.

What candidates said on inflation

Inflation was one of the topics discussed and the candidates were asked what they would do to stop it.

“We have to stop this reckless spending. So anything that adds to the federal deficit needs to be said no to,” Cleveland.

“I have voted against every single spending bill in this congress. We’ve got to stop the runaway spending. We must not spend beyond our means,” Crapo said.

“We need to follow through on the provisions that have been put forward. These green energy proposals that are included in the inflation reduction act are targeted to build American industry and move us on and give advantage to American industry which is what we should be looking at doing as we're trying to reduce inflation,” Roth said.

Candidate statements on healthcare-related topics

The candidates also debated on abortion, prescription drug price reform, and votes on the PACT Act which incumbent Crapo voted against.

“I voted against it for the very reasons I've been attacked by Mr. Cleveland that it put $380 billion of new spending potential, a big hole in the budget to allow to democrats to spend another $380 billion,” Crapo said.

“Yes, I would’ve voted for the PACT Act. The veterans we owe a great debt to the veterans of our country,” Cleveland said. “If I had to choose between green energy and our united states military veterans that would be an easy choice to me, our veterans every single time.”

“I absolutely would have voted for the PACT Act. I think it’s important that we are looking out as much as Mr. Cleveland said for those veterans. In the Senate and in congress bills are often compromised. Not everyone gets everything that they want and sometimes things go through that they don’t want but we can’t allow those veterans to continue to wait for that much-needed critical care simply because there’s something in that bill senator Crapo doesn’t agree with,” Roth said.

To watch the full hour-long debate click here.

Coming up in a few weeks, there will be two more debates. One for the State Superintendent and another for the lieutenant governor race.