Two patients from St. Luke's Children's Hospital become Broncos for a day

Broncos for a day
Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-15 00:24:47-04

13-year-old Devon Peterson and 14-year-old Grant Davis are now officially bleeding blue and orange.


Today, the two recruits out of St. Luke’s Children's Hospital signed a letter of intent with the Boise State Broncos for a day. Before signing on the dotted line, the dynamic duo toured Bronco territory.


Both athletes break new ground for the team. Devon is the first female recruit. She's in remission from leukemia, and she isn't letting her disease get in the way of her dreams of becoming a wide receiver.                    


"They get the touchdown, they get the point," said Bronco for a day Devon Peterson 


"We talk about competing here all the time, and she told all of us she's coming for the 'number one' spot--told all of us to get out the way," said Boise State Wide Receiver Cedrick Wilson to his team.  


Grant's dream is to be a quarterback. He has cerebral palsy and was the first recruit with an electric wheelchair.  

"For me, the biggest takeaway is for Grant to show something more than just the wheelchair," said Grant's dad Jeff Davis. 


"Grant is everything you want in a Bronco, especially a quarterback here," said Boise State Quarterback Brett Rypien to his team. "He's smart, he's tough and he's a true competitor." 

While the two only signed for the day, it was a day they will never forget.