Two new parks coming to Boise, one right downtown

Posted at 3:12 PM, Feb 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 20:29:16-05

Downtown construction typically means something new, but not usually something green. The corner of 11th and Bannock is the exception.

“People are excited about seeing something in that part of town," said Doug Holloway, director of Boise Parks and Recreation Department.

It's the spot for Boise's new urban park.

“People need a place to go, whether it's for a lunch hour or after work or even if you’re downtown for a weekend and want a place to go," said Holloway, "this creates that opportunity.”

It will have an art display, and fog machine which works similar in effect to a water feature. Construction will start this year, and another park is popping up in 2020: Bowler Park in southeast Boise.

“It’s a park we’ve had for a few decades in our inventory but have not had it scheduled for the green-up phase, we just went through a master planning process with the neighborhood within the past couple of months," said Holloway.

The area spans 25 total acres, full of sagebrush. Twelve of those acres can be developed.

"The neighborhood really only wanted to see a small portion of that 12 acres developed, so there will be about 3 acres of green space with amenities in that green space," said Holloway.

The Parks and Recreation Department hopes to see the construction and completion of these parks in 2020.

"Open space and our parks are vital contributors to the overall health and economy of a vibrant community," said Holloway.