Two arrested in truck theft

Two arrested in truck theft
Two arrested in truck theft
Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 18:24:08-04

A Boise man and woman were arrested early Monday morning in connection with a stolen vehicle that was left running to warm up, according to police. 

About 3:10 a.m., a Boise man living on South Gourley Street told officers he noticed someone stealing his truck, which he had left running in his driveway to warm up. He called 911 as the person drove away.

Police spotted the vehicle near Malad and Orchard Streets in Boise a short time later, but the driver sped off.

Additional officers were called to the area. Eventually, police found the suspects -- who were later identified as Matthew Long, 31, and Jasmyn Bandurraga, 20 –- on foot.  

At first, the two gave officers false information about their identities, according to a BPD news release, but officers were able to determine their real names and found evidence linking them to the stolen vehicle.  

Each was charged with two felony counts of grand theft, and a misdemeanor of providing false information to officers.

Investigators say they also found Bandurraga in possession of a stolen financial transaction card. 

With early-morning cold temperatures, police recommend drivers get a second key or key fob, so you can lock your doors while your vehicle is warming ... install a remote starter, so you can start your vehicle while still inside (that way, your car remains locked) ... plan a few additional minutes into your schedule for warming your car and clearing the windows ... bundle up and sit in your car while it’s warming ... or buy a windshield scraper to clear your windows, instead of letting the car defrost them.