Trick or treaters takeover Harrison Blvd. for Halloween Night

Posted at 4:53 AM, Nov 01, 2023

Harrison Boulevard is a tradition for many when it comes to Halloween, but what's the preparation that goes into the actual night? We talked to a few homeowners on the street about what they do to prepare for October 31st.

“It's fun to be part of something I think is important in the Treasure Valley so we're grateful to have a role in this,” says Sean Wall, a homeowner on Harrison Blvd.

Halloween is not a federally recognized holiday but it's one that many take seriously from the costumes to the candy.

Harrison Boulevard is a traditional spot for trick or treaters in the Treasure Valley with homeowners putting up decorations every.

Kevin Thienes helps decorate his family's yard each year, he said, “it takes several days to get everything set up. We don't do it all at once but we started two weeks ago, had a few things up and we just kept adding to it.”

Thienes and his family decorate each year this is a way for family and friends to come together and engage with the community.

Thienes continues, "it's usually a line going down the sidewalk going through and we have people on both sides of that side of the sidewalk on the steps. We have people on both sides putting stuff in it takes a village to do this.”

While some families have been living on Harrison for years, that's not the case for everyone.

"We weren't big Halloween people actually before this I'm not sure we had any Halloween decorations," says Sean Wall.

Sean Wall and his family have been living on Harrison for two years. This year marks their second Halloween on the street and this year they added more inflatables and candy.

He says, “We bought 32 bags of the good Costco chocolate stuff, just about 180 pounds, we think around 5,000 pieces.”

Harrison is the ultimate spot to strut your costume but also receive some of your favorite candy and like Wall, most of all Harrison residents enjoy the community and energy Halloween day brings.

Wall says “We enjoy the full spectrum from the one year old to the 50 year old coming around in a Buzz Lightyear costume.”