Treefort performer, producer Keeley Bumford teaching workshop on producing

Keeley Bumford
Posted at 5:54 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-27 16:39:26-04

Music is one of the biggest pieces of Treefort and while artists are not performing, you can find some of them teaching.

Artist Keeley Bumford, known as Dresage, held a workshop where she walked people through her own self-produced music and how it ended up as the final mastered release.

“We went through the way i started writing the song, the vocals, the synths, how I went and added drums, guitars, harp, background vocals, all these different things," said Bumford. "My lens that I wanted to kind of show people was how I use the tools of production and kind of sonic-sculpting to tell stories as a song writer and artist.”

Bumford said teaching others about the industry and how to take it into their own hands is an empowering part of the job.

“What’s so cool is that these music talks are so focused on community, education and sort of giving perspective to people who maybe are a professional in music," she said. "Maybe aren’t and they just want to understand a bit more about under the hood of like what it looks like to have these skills and be doing it professionally.”

Keeley will also be talking more about her start in music Saturday at 1:40 during the Femme House Panel.