Treefort Music Festival Continues to Make Strides Towards Sustainability

Treefort Festival Doubles Down on Green Effort
Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 19:11:47-04

One of the missions of the Treefort music festival is to put on a great festival while making a strong commitment to being environmentally responsible.

Over the past few years the festival has continued to add new measures, this year the focus is on education and doubling down on past initiatives that have been successful.

In 2014 the green team was formed, a group of volunteers who are in charge of running stations that include trash, recycling and compost stations that are even made of recycled pellets.

"If you have questions find a green team member that will help you understand more about recycling or composting if you have questions," said Treefort Sustainability Director Doug Broderick.

In 2015 Treefort became the first music festival to receive the designation of a B-Corp, Broderick said after seeing photos of other festivals littered with trash, he envisioned something different for Boise.

"We are really conscious," said Broderick. "We love Boise, we love the city so we keep it really clean when we have treefort."

Some of the other initiatives over the years include steel pints for draft beer, sustainable aluminum water bottles and recycling gray water used by food trucks and restaurants.