Treefort bands take time to play Rigsketball

Posted at 9:14 PM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 09:49:33-04

Some band members performing at this year's festival took time away from the stage to play on the court. They call it Rigsketball.

Portland band "And And And" attached a regulation size basketball hoop to the back of their tour van. While out on the road, they invite other bands to play a game. Sometimes even holding March Madness style tournaments. The rules are much more relaxed than regular basketball. plus there is always the ability to bumper dunk.

Organizers of the crazy game say the music business is a competitive industry and Rigsketball gives them a chance to relax and meet fellow musicians. 

"It takes a band community out of a bar and out of a music competition  and into something else that's actually really cool," explained Bim Ditson of the band And And And and creator of Rigsketball.
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