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Hannifin's cigar store closes shop

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-30 10:14:33-04

BOISE — For 111 years, Hannifin's Cigar Store has been on the corner of Main St and N 11th St in Downtown Boise, but now, as first reported on, the historic store is closing it's doors.

The store's owner, Stan Minder, says the landlord of the building raised the rent and he says he paid late a few times. Minder says he bought Hannifin's 11 years ago from a friend.

Tyler Peters says it was the first cigar shop he ever went to.

"This seems like a really retro spot and I hate to see a place like this you know, going down into the dumps just because everything else is getting bigger and expanding. It's a really cool place and I think it was under appreciated," said Peters.

Minder says it's his customers he will miss the most.

"I get people from all over the world that come in here and if I can make them smile before they go out of here, people going through a bunch of heart aches and troubles and everything else when I'm in pain and gimped up, people really care about me," said Minder.

He says he is working to be out of the store by August 1st.

It's unclear what it's in store for the future of the building.